Clear Me

The original Clear Me service designed by TT
as a new 24h Always-On best friend you can always
rely on to clear you of 6 powerful boosts.
This is a sister service to the unprecedented Build Me Up service.

Lightworkers & Healers rejoice!

What we do

We noticed that there is a tremendous amount of suffering in the world.
We wanted to help. 🆘
Since our work at C 1st delivered astounding technology to resolve problems at their root via conscious intent, we decided to use it to affordably help people like you directly.

Now we make Consciousness come to life.

DISCLAIMER We do not provide medical procedures, we can't fix your broken bones or stitch you up.

Need Grounding? 🌲

We deliver an instant grounding intention to your being, so you connect with the Earth 🌎 in a powerful way.

Concerned about parasites?

Sometimes we get affected by parasites, be it physical or energetic. Use this service to help clear their roots in consciousness.

Overly sensitive to others?

Attachments and Cords are related as "hooks" and "leaks". They can be emotional or spiritual, and both can leave you feeling weary and drained.
Feeling drained right now?

Re-energize in seconds. 🔋

Believe someone is controlling you? ⛓️

Wishes of misfortune, known as curses, can feel quite debilitating.

Not to worry, we got you.

Not getting results? 😢

The roots of sabotage are ususally hidden and lie within your own subconscious mind.

Ready for more results?

Not feeling good enough?

Limiting core beliefs get you out of sync with yourself and others. Those felings of worthlessness or not being enough can all be deleted. 🗝️

Want them all?

All Clear is the service to run them ALL!     With this service you won't miss anything.
Get everything here for one low bundled price. ⭐

If you think this is amazing..
Venmo $20

Immediate Help

Once payment is received, your wish is our command.


  1. Make Payment
  2. Focus on the intention, provided with each service, for 10 seconds
  3. Feel the difference
Know that your Source is smiling upon you.

2 + 2 = 42 (We overdeliver.)

With our powerful services, we deliver results anywhere in the world, immediately. (Many people feel it within seconds, but even if you don't feel anything, know that the process is still working.)


Take a look at our testimonials and praise.


Service Description PayPal
Grounding Energetically connect your body to the Earth. One of our most popular services. $21.00
Parasites Removal of real or astral parasites that feed on your energy and leave you vulnerable. $22.00
Attachments Removal of emotional or spiritual attachments that drain your energy and leave you tired. $23.00
Curses Removal of any curses on you, be they karmic or not. $24.00
Sabotage Removal of self sabotage so you can get things done. $25.00
Core Beliefs Alignment with a set of six core beliefs to get you back on track ASAP. $33.00
All Clear Run ALL the tools and save some cash! One of our most powerful services. $99.00


Questions & Answers
Q: How long does the effect last?
A: All services take effect almost immediately and run until complete. It's best to not dwell on it. Go have some fun. It's up to you and your body's energy cycles, thoughts and life journey as to how long the effects last. Some people use it daily.
Q: How do I know it worked?
A: The system is programmed to respond to your intent and completed payment. Once all conditions match it will execute and send you the consciousness energy needed to correct your current state. If you get a payment notification, it worked. You may or may not feel the shift of subtle energies, but you may notice changes in how you feel or in your life experience.
Q: Can the same issues occur again?
A: What we deliver is permanent in that point of time. It is possible for you to bring a similar issue back to your experience, but it will be a different layer for you to process.
Q: I'm not feeling a change, did I do it wrong?
A: If you followed the instructions above, you did not do it wrong. However, there may be other issues affecting your awareness. If you wish to go further and explore those issues, please use our personalized service - Take Heart

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